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No.63, Donghuan RD. Economic development zone , Lin'An, Hangzhou, China
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Hangzhou Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a large packaging company with 53 years of history, specializing in the production of packaging materials of high-grade drugs, food and daily necessities. It is a leading company of Chinese packaging industry .

Hangzhou Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.
Chairman and General Manager:
Yang yegen

The company has packaging materials processing equipment which imports from Germany, Austria, the United States and Italy and other countries,Cleanliness reach production workshop over the D grade; passed the ackage management system certification of quality management system, environmental management systems, occupational health and food safety management system, the establishment of corporate social responsibility management system.

The company committed to providing high-grade packaging materials and packaging solutions of design, production and service. Company has built completely network in China and international areas.

Hangzhou Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.

Looking ahead, HS is confident to be a global leader in drug and food packaging, and to be a enterprises which has sustainable development with you!



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