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No.63, Donghuan RD. Economic development zone , Lin'An, Hangzhou, China
Url: http://www.hs-zj.com
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Making the best staffs

 HS has met challenges and opportunities with such spirit of "Innovation, Unity and Competition" for several years......
 We will serve human beings with latest technology, better business reputation and newer idea.

Producing best product

 In 1980s, we are the earliest PVC rigid sheet manufacturer in China
 In 1980s, we are the earliest PVDC rigid sheet manufacturer in China
 In 21st century, we will develop hi-tech and all series of laminated products

Guaranteeing best quality

 Meeting the international standard, keeping to be the leader of China, working for your satisfaction
 Quality can meet or even the exceed international standard
 100% of yield when products leave our factory
 95% and above of customers feel satisfactions

Getting best reputation

 Providing all kinds of packings and parameters; according to your demand, we will provide special packing and specification for you
 Free sample probation, live adjustment
 100% of delivery
 Replying your problem in 2 hours, and providing live service in 24 hours
 goods rejected tenet: no bad effects on your production

To be the best company

 Workshop: According to 21# order of PSB, we invested 30 million yuan to build over the D grade cleanness of workshop; it can ensure our manufacturing surrounding goes all the way with the surrounding of our factory.
 Equipment: A complete set of equipment and production lines from Germany and Italy; thickness tester which can control the thickness at any time; the foreign material checker can and check control the appearance of product, it can ensure our material has qualified internal and external characteristics.
 Workers: An experienced technical tem with 50 years' working background and long term guidance from experts all around world help us producing leading products




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